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Unemployment Insurance (UI) ALEXsys Requirements - CLICK HERE

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Are you collecting unemployment insurance (UI) benefits in Alaska?

If so, you may be required to register and maintain at least one online resume in the Alaska Labor Exchange System (ALEXsys).  A resume will allow potential employers to match you with available jobs and Job Center staff to refer you to jobs that you qualify for.


If you have been advised of this requirement through a claims representative or on the confirmation page of your internet claim, you must add or update a resume in ALEXsys within seven (7) days of filing your claim for UI benefits or your benefits will be denied.


To fulfill your registration and resume requirement, you must:


  • Sign into ALEXsys and create a user id and password.
  • Complete the steps to register as an individual.  Make sure you provide the same information when you filed for unemployment insurance.  Your UI benefits will be denied if you do not provide your correct SSN.
  • Select Resume Builder and follow the instructions to complete your resume.
  • Make sure you post your resume “Online”

To continue to receive benefits after completing the ALEXsys registration and resume requirement: 


  • Check your resume accessibility often.  You must have at least one resume “Online”.  You can only be matched for jobs if your resume is “Online”.  If you change to “Not-Online”, your benefits will be held and possibly denied.

  • Employers can only see what you choose to display on your resume.  You must have at least one method of contact on your resume for employers to contact you for available jobs.  Methods of contact can be your address, phone number or email account. 

  • Verify your resume has not “Expired”.  After 90 days of inactivity, your resume accessibility will automatically be changed to “Expired – Older than 90 Days”.  You must update your resume and post it “Online”.

  • Review your resume regularly to ensure that all of your information is current and complete.

  • Respond to all job referrals and assistance provided by Job Center staff.

If you have any questions regarding your UI registration and resume requirements, please click here to contact your nearest UI Claim Center.

If you have any questions on how to register and create a resume in ALEXsys, please visit your nearest Alaska Job Center or call (877) 724-2539 during normal working hours.

Click here to begin your ALEXsys registration and resume creation!

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